Healthcare Options

Coast to Coast Healthcare Solutions offers affordable home healthcare solutions. Proudly serving South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and beyond).

Independence is something we all value. From what time we wake up and how we dress to what foods we eat, freedom in our daily decision making is an important part of the human condition which we all value. When our clients come to use for their initial in-home healthcare consultation we often hear this point being echoed. While price, scheduling, and responsibilities are dynamic, flexible parts of our home healthcare options one thing that is not open for negotiation is our clients’ sense of independence.

What options do seniors have when it is time for assistance?

Our seniors generally have four options when they reach a time where assistance is needed:

1. Family support: Family members organize and collaborate to make sure their family member gets the attention and care they deserve. This can be a great option, but often work schedules make this impossible. Further, while families can offer a level of love not found elsewhere, they ordinarily lake the nursing training needed to properly care for a senior.

2. A retirement community or home: Retirement communities are a popular option for those needing healthcare services in the home. Options range from crammed in apartment style living to luxurious estates with activities, golf courses, and pools. While a good fit for some, many communities are too ‘cookie cutter’ for our free spirited patients and they do not offering enough flexibility in options and pricing.

3. In-Home Healthcare from Coast to Coast Healthcare Solutions

4. Coast to Coast Health Care Solutions provides the best in-home healthcare services in South Florida. Our nurses, aides, and staff enable our clients who need help with daily activities to enjoy their home. In-home health care offers the comfort and familiarity that hospitals and retirement homes can’t provide.

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